Martian ice appeared in profile

Recently published images of direct observations of ice layers under the surface of Mars in mid-latitudes. We tell a brief history of Martian water and the latest news in conjunction with the popular science portal “Attic”. The presence of water on Mars for a long time is not a secret. Already now the water ice […]

Mystery of the ninth planet

Will scientists be able to find another large object in the solar system? We talk about the search for another planet in the solar system in conjunction with the popular science portal N + 1. In the astronomical environment for two years, discuss a sensation, which is not yet. In the winter of 2016, scientists […]

Water found on Jupiter!

A team of American astrophysicists while exploring the Big Red Spot on Jupiter accidentally stumbled upon the most important find for humanity. During the study of spectral analysis, the lines showed the presence of water in the atmosphere of the giant planet. Previously, scientists have found subtle signs of the presence of oxygen in the […]