Exoplanet with water vapor

Planetologists have discovered the smallest known exoplanet, which was discovered water vapor. A planet that is 124 light years away from Earth resembles Neptune in mass. Analyzes and observations have shown that in addition to the presence of water vapor, there is a surprisingly clear sky on the celestial body. The fact is that usually […]

Black hole ejects gas molecules

Many nearby galaxies eject giant streams of gas and dust from their center at a wide angle, sufficient to form over a thousand stars the size of our Sun every year. Astronomers have long been looking for the driving force behind these powerful ejections of molecular substance, and today a team of scientists, led by […]

Proxima Centauri

A few months ago, a small, potentially inhabitable planet was discovered near our star next to us. Proxima Centauri itself is a red dwarf; it is ten times lighter than the Sun and a thousand times dimmer. However, the new work revealed an unexpected similarity of two stars: like the Sun, it has regular cycles […]