Water found on Jupiter!


A team of American astrophysicists while exploring the Big Red Spot on Jupiter accidentally stumbled upon the most important find for humanity. During the study of spectral analysis, the lines showed the presence of water in the atmosphere of the giant planet.

Previously, scientists have found subtle signs of the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere of the largest planet in the solar system, whose presence is comparable to that of carbon monoxide. Probably, the total oxygen content on Jupiter exceeds that of the Sun by 2–9 times.

This conclusion supports theoretical models that predicted the presence of abundant water on Jupiter.

It was succeeded to find water when studying clouds of Jupiter, located below the uppermost layers. Previously it was believed that the lower layers of the atmosphere are not amenable to the study of probes, since the upper layers block any radiation from below. But in practice this did not happen. Researchers were able to look into the depth of the atmosphere of Jupiter for thousands of kilometers.

It is known that water is reliably present on the satellites of Jupiter, therefore its presence on the giant planet is not such a big surprise. Nevertheless, the result obtained is an obvious success, since water was found from the Earth.

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